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Tag: make up and skin

How To Determine Your Skin Type

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

  • Dry

Does not produce enough oil.

-small follicles

-lacks normal proteins

*occlusive products


  • Normal

Has a good oil/water balance.

-normal sized follicles

-usually free of blemishes

*If you can see follicle size changing from medium to smaller just on the edge of the T-zone.


  • Combination

Can be both oily & dry at the same time.

-T- zone is oilier w/ more sebaceous glands & larger pores

-outer area is dry & flaky

*larger to medium pores outside the T-zone
*deep cleansing & regular exfoliation
*water based products


  • Oily

Excess sebum/oil production.

-large follicles

-over cleansing can make it worse by stripping & irritating the skin.

-ages more slowly


  • Sensitive

Condition & also predisposed.

-redness & is easily irritated by products & exposure to sun